Want to get involved?

1) If you’re an established writer, and would like to take on one of the pieces we have open for commission, please write to [email protected].

2) If you’re a recent grad, or amateur enthusiast, feel free to pitch us on your writing at [email protected].

3) If you fulfil any other role (developer, designer…) and have interest in getting involved, please write to [email protected]. Here’s a good structure to craft such an email (clip from this time-code for a few minutes). We’ll be hiring people from the world over. Please do not include more than one attachment in any cover note. And please don’t include a résumé (we don’t care where – or even whether – you went to school).

We can’t get back to everyone. But for those who stand out, we’ll be in touch within a few days. If you haven’t heard from us within ~four days, please assume on this occasion we have not taken up your offer.

Thank you greatly for your interest.